Taiichi Ohno was the Toyota executive largely responsible for structuring and implementing the system known today as the Toyota Production System (TPS). Ohno was known for drawing a chalk circle around managers and making them stand in the circle until they had seen and documented all of the problems in a particular area.

Stand in the circle and watch the process and think for yourself (observe, think, analize).

Data is important, but going to the place to see the actual situation for understanding is more important.

Taiichi Ohno

Commercial and Project Management Support and Services

Commercial and Project Management Support and Services

Material handling solutions for overhead cranes, stamping dies, coils and blanks

Metal Piercing, Clinching and Clamping solutions for industrial applications

Stamping Press Systems, Automation design, integration and installation

Stamping Press Blank and Die Transfer Systems

Transfer Fingers; EOAT Building and Refurbishing